Who we are. What we do. What we stand for.


Consulting, services and products

We provide consulting, services and products concerning treasury, investment banking, risk management and portfolio management for all financial market participants. We support our clients in managing the increasingly complex topics of risk management, valuation and market data.

Our one-source, complete service ranges from situation analysis to the development of creative solutions to custom-fit applications. A solid foundation for serving our clients is based upon our know-how acquired through years of experience, our analytical and mathematical problem-solving competencies and our sound software development capabilities. 


Innovation as a factor for success

Microstep establishes innovative start-up companies which complement and expand our service spectrum. We support these companies through close cooperation, our know-how and by providing them with financial and human resources. 


The highest level of quality and professionalism

We endeavour to achieve the highest level of quality and professionalism combined with the pursuit to contribute significantly to the success of our clients through innovative and beneficial solutions. We are proud of the trust our clients place in us and that they entrust us with tasks which have key importance for their business development.  

The cooperation with our clients is unbureaucratic yet highly professional. We are flexible in responding to their individual needs. With our help, even the most complicated and challenging problems are solvable. 


Our most important asset

Our employees are our most important asset. A respectful work environment and an appreciation for individual personalities make up the foundation for our teamwork. This enables each team member and the team as a whole to deliver extraordinary service. 

We support the continuous personal and professional development of our employees. Freedom to think and work creatively as well as open communication within suitable and competence-based management structures help in this regard. We are not afraid of abandoning well-trodden paths and we offer our employees a variety of intellectual challenges to be conquered together as a team. 

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