Subsidiaries: Innovation as a factor for success

Microstep founds innovative start-up companies which complement and expand our service spectrum within our business areas. We support these companies through close cooperation, with our know-how and by providing them with financial and human resources. 



Asset structure analysis, optimisation and strategic investment concepts

Microstep Financial Markets AG (MFM) offers conceptually coordinated instruments and information for the management of investment processes in the financial sector as well as software for asset structure analysis and optimisation. MFM also develops strategic investment concepts. Microstep's service offering in the financial sector is complemented by MFM.  

  • Investing requires trust. We offer software for an integrated observation of your client's total assets and financing structure in order to achieve a trustful and long-term cooperation. The expertise of experienced financial consultants and professional software developers delivers individual, business-relevant data that will impress clients.
  • MFM offers strategic investment concepts which consistently surpass benchmarks and survive longer negative phases on the capital market unscathed. This is accomplished via a disciplined avoidance of investment risks and outlook independence. 

The synthesis of market intelligence and information technology

Likron advises independent energy providers and energy-intensive industrial companies regarding the procurement and distribution of energy resources. We develop and implement modern quantitative processes for the achievement of systematically increased profits with thorough risk control measures. Our spectrum ranges from market-tested trading strategies to customised solutions to match individual clients' needs.  

  • The Likron team is comprised of experienced experts from the energy trading and capital market sectors. Our know-how covers the entire range from quantitative market analysis and the trading idea to IT implementation.   
  • With the close linkage of market and IT expertise, we can develop trading ideas quickly and flexibly (time-to-market) and integrate them into your trading processes. We hold an exceptional position in the energy trading business with our know-how profile.



Consulting in the renewable and conventional energy sectors

Matobis is your competent partner concerning renewable and conventional energy sources for equity capital and borrowed capital investors, project developers and fund managers. 

  • We offer our clients project-related as well as transaction-based consulting services and customised solutions. We accompany and support our clients in questions regarding the valuation, analysis and financing optimisation and during all project phases. 



Analysis of information streams

mergeflow analyses information streams from news articles, blogs, websites, social networks, publication databases and other sources. mergeflow is used for technology scouting, open innovation as well as for news analysis in corporate and investment banking. 

  • mergeflow is a web-based software tool which can be used to analyse content from internet information streams.